BATTLE -Action-

Required for use when
performing special attacks.
Charge by landing your attacks on your opponent, getting hit, or by successfully guarding against attacks.

The basic rule of "KILL la KILL - IF" is to defeat your opponent by first diminishing their life to 0 to score a round.
Be the first to obtain 2 rounds to be the victor of the battle.
There are many actions available for use in combat to bring yourself to advantage. We will be introducing various important actions and system mechanics here.

Ketsui level

Initiate the "Bloody Valor" against your opponent, and level up your Ketsui level by winning the debate.
As your Ketsui level increases, your character gains the following buffs for the battle:

Characters receive unique
enhancements, such as increased
attack range.
Out of the 3 types of special moves,
one of them will power up to a Super
Move dependent on the character.
The SP Gauge will increase over time,
and access to the Fiber Lost Secret
Arts will become available.

Action List