BATTLE -Bloody Valor-

A three-part debate war!?

Faithfully reproduced from the original anime series, "Battle and engage in heated debate with your opponent" in the KILL la KILL way!

Activate the "Ketsui Burst" when you're not being attacked, and hit the opponent with the burst to start the debate!
(Debate start!)

The attacker and the defender will choose from 3 types of phrases; "Taunt (rock)," "Provoke (scissors)," and "Mock (paper)."
The phrases are set up like an RPS game. The attacker wins if they have the stronger hand or is even. If the attacker has the weaker hand, the defender wins.

Winning each session of debate will
allow you to gain the following rewards.

Taunt (rock) : Deals massive damage
against your opponent!
Provoke (scissors) : Greatly recovers SP gauge!
Mock (paper) : Greatly recovers life!
*Applies to the attacker only. The defender takes extra damage regardless of the outcome of the sequence, even if the defender were to win the exchange.

Pay close attention to your opponent's situation, and weigh your options accordingly!

Also, if the attacker wins the session,
his/her Ketsui level increases, and both
players get into the debate once again.
Stack those wins and overwhelm your opponent!

For example…

  1. "Ketsui Burst" activated! (Ketsui Level at level 1 currently)
  2. You're running low on life, so naturally you'd want to aim to recover your health using "Mock (paper)", however that's an easy read for your opponent too.
  3. So, the opponent is likely to "Provoke (scissors)" us, and to counter that, we shall choose "Taunt (rock)"!
  4. Aha! Read like an open book, the opponent chose "Provoke (scissors)" indeed! We won the session, thus the debate restarts again.
  5. The opponent might "Provoke (scissors)" us again, but this time they might try to anticipate and choose "Mock (paper)"…
  6. You wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to advance your Ketsui Level to level 3, so you need to win or at least make the exchange a draw. All options considered, you would have better chances if you choose "Provoke (scissors)".
  7. The opponent actually threw out "Provoke (scissors)" again! It's a tie, so the “Bloody Valor" ends, but now we're at "Ketsui Level 3"!