Fight against a CPU or a 2nd player freely in this mode. You can set various handicap settings to adjust your damage output, and select the CPU difficulty as well!
Choose your favorite character and stage and set up your dream match in the KILL la KILL world!



Play against another player without heed to the results, and allows you to play with your friends online easily! Similar to FREE VS, you can set handicap options here too. You can also select various voice-acted dialogue lines while waiting in the room!


Pit your skills against another player online in this mode, where wins and losses are recorded. Depending on your results, your rank changes accordingly. Play lots and try to aim for the top!


Tutorial Mode

Learn the ropes of the game by taking instructions from the club president of the Tailoring Club, Shiro Iori.

Training Mode

Choose freely from the wide selection of characters, stage, dummy actions and etc., in this mode.

Survival Challenge Mode

Defeat waves of random CPU opponents with your character in this mode.

Covers Challenge Mode

Defeat the swarm of Covers appearing in the stage with your character.
As you progress in the battle, items that enhance your Ketsui level and character status parameters may drop from the defeated enemies.
"Covers Challenge" consists of 3 rules for you to challenge.

One Minute Challenge
Defeat as many enemies as you can under one minute.
In this challenge, enemies may drop items that prolong the time limit, so the key to this challenge is to collect these items as you fight.
Hundred Enemies Challenge
A time attack challenge to contest how fast can you defeat 100 enemies.
A quick way to experience the thrill of one-vs-many.
Endless Battle
Fight for as long as your character stands in this challenge.
You can test the limits of your character's toughness against the throngs of enemies in here.